Graham & Associates offers a small integrated list of services for our clients. Our Management Team takes a proactive approach to managing projects so that our clients receive a project that is on time, within budget, of the highest quality and with safety first. The company's job is to mitigate the risk associated with launching new projects and to develop a plan of action to optimize project performance. Graham & Associates provides the following core list of services to their clients:

Project and Program Management

Graham & Associates has trained staff who are adept at managing single projects or multi-project programs. They have advanced experience and skills that demonstrate their proven competency to oversee these projects and their resources to achieve strategic business goals for our clients. Our team group related projects together to realize organizational benefits not available if they were managed separately.

Business Management Support Services

The Team at Graham & Associates provides dependable, reliable and conscientious employees that are effective and efficient at providing support for our clients. These employees can fill any vacancy quickly and provide a level of service that will relieve some of the pressure their clients face. The Graham Management Team understands that every temporary employee is an investment for your organization and as such, our goal is to maximize the value of that investment. By taking the time to understand what is important to your corporate culture, goals, qualifications and position demands, we can ensure that only the most qualified candidates are presented for your staffing needs. Graham & Associates also provides a range of services to support your training efforts. We work with clients to design and implement learning communities that translate technical information into useful workplace knowledge. We also organize and manage training and staff development in support of credentialing and certifying personnel.

Building Construction and Construction Management

Graham & Associates' Team of dedicated and highly experienced professionals provide optimal solutions for clients who are building single or multiple complex construction projects. We effectively manage the planning, design, construction and post-construction phases of projects towards a successful completion. The company's LEED® Accredited Professionals place the Environment and Sustainability as a priority for all construction projects that they manage. Their areas of focus related to construction include: New Building Construction & Renovations, Infrastructure & Utilities Construction and Design-Build Services.

Facilities Maintenance, Operations & Management

The Graham & Associates O&M Team takes on the responsibilities of maintaining and operating facilities for public agencies so that they can focus on what they do best. Our employees have extensive management and comprehensive maintenance programs to protect their clients' capital investments while providing well-run facilities. Our team can furnish the labor, material, and equipment necessary to support O&M and minor construction activities. G&A’s goal is to cut the costs associated with managing facilities, increase efficiency while ensuring that the facilities are healthy for all occupants.

Information Technology Services

Graham & Associates provides Customized Information Technology Solutions to clients in the public and private sector who are focused on maximizing efficiencies through innovation and the use of "cutting edge" technology. Our team of experts have the knowledge, certifications, and experience to help solve and manage your technology challenges and opportunities. Our Information Technology Services include: developing, installing, securing and managing networks, application development, cyber security and related compliance requirements and regulations, and monitoring and managing IT infrastructure.

Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Graham & Associates has highly skilled staff with significant experienced in logistics and supply chain management working with the Department of Defense (DOD) and local county governments. The company provides on-time logistics through net-centricity, supply chain innovation, and rapid response which enables the flow of information for both logistics and command and control (C2) information systems. This allows the company to automatically produce, organize and propagate a common requisition, acquisition and sustainment picture in near-real time facilitating the best materiel visibility, delivery and decision support capability for commanders and the war fighter.

Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy Services

Graham & Associates is a champion for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy. Our LEED® Accredited Professionals place the Environment and Sustainability as a priority for all projects that we manage. Our goal is to strengthen environmental quality, the quality of life for citizens, and the economic vitality that enhance energy efficiency and productivity of facilities. The energy services that G&A provides include: Geothermal Technology, Solar Energy Technology, Metering, Commissioning, Energy Analysis and Assessments, Landfill Gas to Renewable Natural Gas, and Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®) Services.